The „CimagineCrew“ is an independant non-pofit network by young filmstudents from Stuttgart and the region of southern germany.
Together we are producing shortfilms – from satirical and funny to dramatic and serious.

Small but nice cinema with topics, which are normally not shown on the screen.

That is our passion!

At the end, the most important is the audience – we want to inspire them. We want them to smile, to get on an emotional rollercoaster drive, to get goosebumps on their skin, and mostly we want them to think about different topics. 

To reach our mission, getting as many spectators as we can, we are submitting our film on many different film festivals in Germany, Europe and the whole world!

Recent Projects


Angelina Chindemi

Directress & Writer

Jeanine Lang

Directress & Writer

Patrick Hedinger

DoP, Garffer & Editor

Simon Niedermaier

DoP, Gaffer, Editor & Colorist

Christoph Oberlin

Sound Supervisor & Music

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